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Qingdao XinTianCheng Textile Co., Ltd. is located at the north shore of Jiaozhou Bay and is in Qingdao National High-Tech Industrial Park, it is 30 kilometers to Qingdao airport and 100 kilometers to Qingdao harbor, highways and railways are all nearby, so the transportation is very convenient. 

Company was founded in 1977 (formerly named as Qingdao 13th Cotton Textile Factory), it covers an area of more than 60 acres, with 360 employees, 100 looms, spindles 37000, annual output of various yarn of 2,000 tons and different cloth of 2 million meters. There set up a R.&.D center in 2012 focusing on the development of aramid yarn, fiber and its relatives.......

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Addr:Shangma Street Industrial Park, Chengyang District,?Qingdao City,?Shandong Province,?China  Tel:0bbo必博老虎机-0532-87813492 【邮箱登录】
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